Experienced UX/UI Website Designer

with over a decade of working with Australian and US clients in the web design and development including internet marketing. I've developed exceptional knowledge and skills in using a variety of tools to produce search engine friendly websites with good user experience.

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I am confident and courageous with good sense of responsibility in everything I do. I’m also a creative minded individual and I am ready to leverage my capabilities to contribute to your bottom line. As indicated in this resume, I have a considerable experience in web design and development including different applications and tools. My skills in creating precise web designs that are easy to maintain, revise and expand have been commended by my previous and current clients. In addition, I take pride in my capability to implement search engine friendly designs/layouts together with my solid understanding on a good UI and User Experience. With my design skills, top it up with my years of experience in SEO/Internet Marketing I look forward to working for the company and becoming one of the valuable persons within the whole organization. I can be reached anytime via:

mobile phone +63928 100 4818 or email me at astrofroi@gmail.com

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